Monday, July 2, 2012


What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance - Jane Austen

The Texas sizzle is now in full swing!  The past few weeks have had days with temperatures of 100+ degrees.  The only time it is cool enough to go running is at 2 a.m. and I'm not going to do that!  All of this hotness makes staying indoors with some ice cream and a frosty air conditioner blasting so very appealing.  I've been combating the laziness and the urge to indulge in cold, sweet treats by taking a dip in the the pool on almost a daily basis.

I do my own little version of aqua jogging and water aerobics.  I swim a few laps, run in place, do standing crunches for my tummy, and repeat.  I must say, it's working pretty well.  The beauty of it is that I am getting in a good work out without the stress on my joints from running and I'm staying cool.  Plus, the water resistance is great for strength training!  The downside is that Big Baby can't join me in the pool but I make it up to her with short little walks throughout the day.

The key to staying fit in this hot weather is to improvise!  Sure, it's hot as Hades outside but there are fun alternatives to running on trails.  If you happen to live in a very hot climate like I do, now is a good time to try out some different forms of exercise.  Zumba, kick-boxing, dance classes, and yoga are some good options for indoor workouts that still pack a punch.  Many places will even offer your first class for free just so you can try it out.  

If I am going to do anything outdoors, I try to do it really early in the morning since walking trails alone in the dark of night seems a wee bit dangerous to me from a safety stand-point!  And just because I am going out when it's relatively cooler doesn't mean I don't take water with me.  Staying hydrated is very important no matter how early one goes out.

Sooooo, there ya have it - no excuse to miss work outs during the dog days of summer  After all, we have to maintain our hotness regardless of the temperature!

Happy Trails,




  1. The heat of summer is always tough for me. I hate sweating and I hate being hot, so it makes me not want to work out that much more! But you give some good ideas here - I will improvise!

  2. Loved hearing about your aqua jogging and water aerobics!

    It's been hot here, too, but if I walk in the park right before sunset I can usually manage it without getting too sweaty.

    Right now we're having a thunderstorm - which SOUNDS wonderful but it sure ain't cooling things down. We have one small and ancient AC unit out in the kitchen (circa 1950s) so we rely on the temp getting cool enough at night to turn on the ceiling blower, which brings in cool air from outside.