Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting Out

I love to be outdoors. I prefer being outdoors to, you know, being inside. - Keith Carradine

The past few weeks have been challenging.  I won't go into details to protect the "innocent"  but trust me when I say it has been tough.  BUT...I'm tougher.  I don't let things hold me down for long.  I try to brush things off so they won't drain me of energy unnecessarily.   

One of the things that really helps revitalize me is getting out in nature.  I've mentioned it before but for me, being out in the fresh air revives me.  It also helps me to put into perspective the things that are most important to me. 

Putting miles behind me out on the trail helps me to move forward. The miles are cleansing. They erase, or just quiet, hurts and troubles.  Sometimes when I go on the trail, my intention is to use the time to deal with thoughts that are swimming around in my head like sharks circling in a tank (I love sharks, by the way).  But with each leaf that crunches beneath my shoes and each twig that I snap, the thoughts that seemed important when I started my walk or run, fade away.  The thought sharks are no longer confined to my mental tank and are replaced with creative, free-flowing ideas.  Running on trails and writing go hand in hand for me.  One feeds the other and I reap the benefits.  It helps my mind grow stronger and my body grow healthier.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend ahead.  I'm planning to go on a mini retreat to help me get in touch with my creative self.  The biggest bonus will be all of the outdoor time!  Lots of sunshine,  hiking, walking and swimming to be enjoyed!!  It will be a nice reprieve from my normal life.  I can't wait to tell you all about it when I return!  Until then...

Happy Trails!


  1. My time in S.A. is winding down and I've only been to Austin twice. Going with a friend to the foodcarts and capitol and Barton Springs once, and bicycling the second time. Austin is a great place to be active, you are so fortunate! Best of luck to you and enjoy your weekend!

    1. It's a shame you didn't get to spend more time in Austin, Ruth! It is such a wonderful place to live. I consider myself VERY fortunate to live in such a great city! I did have a wonderful weekend and will be posting a blog about it this week. Stay tuned!!