Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Road Tested - Quench Gum

I'm on the fence about Quench Gum.  Quench Gum ( comes in chunks, sticks and a sugar-free stick formula.  I have been using it off and on for a couple of years and I can't decide how I really feel about it.  I want to like it but I'm not completely sold on it.  Here's why:
I don't know about you but when I run long distances, my mouth gets very dry even if I remain hydrated so the idea of a gum that could potentially keep my mouth from drying out was appealing to me.  I also like chewing something while running.  It relaxes my jaw which in turn, makes the rest of my body relax so I have a better run.  Quench Gum comes in some great flavors and does help with the whole cottonmouth thing but only temporarily.  I have timed it - the gum starts to get hard and stops moisturizing my mouth around 15 minutes after I pop it into my mouth.  Then I have to toss it and dig another piece out of my trusty Spibelt.  I might like the product better if it had a little extra packed in it - like electrolytes.  If you have a few extra bucks and are curious about the product, give it shot.  It may work better for you than it did for me!

Happy Trails!

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