Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Road Tested - Sharkies

I have had several followers comment on how helpful my "Gear" blog was in helping them find the right products to use as a new runner/wogger.  That has led me to create a new weekly feature I like to call "Road Tested".  Each Wednesday, I will feature a new product or item I have tried and let you know how it worked out for me.  There may also be a few items thrown in that I am interested in or that seem like they would be very helpful to our workouts.  It may save you from spending money unnecessarily!

One of the things I love using when I run long distances are called Sharkies (  They are these awesome little fruit chews that are organic and filled with electrolytes, vitamin C and complex carbohydrates.  They are gluten-free, wheat-free and vegetarian if you have any special dietary requirements.  When running long distances, the body requires additional fuel to keep your muscles energized and these have worked really well for me.  I have tried several bars and gels but they tended to upset my stomach which is NOT something you want when running 10 miles with no bathroom in site!  I tried Sharkies by accident when I initially purchased the "kids" chews thinking they were a gummy candy shaped like one of my favorite animals.  The kids chews tasted surprisingly good and worked just fine for me when I took them along during a long run.  Give these a try during your next work out if you need a little energy boost! 

Happy Trails,


  1. love, love, love..just attended a nutrition class with my running group, the only offering was, "blech!" those "salt/electrolyte" packets (vomitus), thanks! (do love these posts).

  2. Glad these posts are helpful, Ruth! Give the Sharkies a try. They do taste pretty good and surely beat those other packets!!!