Monday, May 28, 2012

Walnut Creek Hike

I've mentioned before that I feel like I live in the BEST city on the planet.  My outing today was just another reason why I think that.  BFF and I went on a the city!  Today, we took in the trails at the Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park here in Austin. 

It was a hot day so Big Baby got to stay home in the comfort of our air conditioned home while BFF and I went out to have a little adventure!  As part of my "getting in touch with nature" promise to myself, I thought this would be a good place to start. 

And the best place to start is always with the trail map!  I'm a sucker for maps and navigating so I got a little involved with reading it.  BFF got a wee bit impatient and took off ahead of me (not knowing which trail she was taking!). 

The lady in the picture above was very helpful to BFF and let her know what trails led to what area and what the terrain was like (some were very steep and others were not).  So, we chose the trail she was on.  She looked like she knew her stuff!

Flowers, flowers everywhere!  We were pleasantly surprised with the amount of wildflowers that were still blooming.  The heat hadn't destroyed them...YET! 

On our way to the creek, we came across some signage telling us of a rock slide that happened a couple of weeks ago.  Even though this was to be an adventure, we decided that we should probably heed the warning and stay on the designated trails. 

 The creek and everything along the length of it made us feel like we had been transported somewhere else.  It didn't feel like a place that was only ten minutes from my home.  It was quiet, peaceful and relaxing.  

The only way to continue along the trail we were on was to go through the water.  I asked BFF if she wanted to turn back the way we came or if she wanted to continue on.  She decided to quote me and said "our shoes won't feel loved unless we let them go places they wouldn't ordinarily go."  So, we went through the water. 

BFF was thrilled to find some fossils along the creek's edge.  She wanted to take them all home with her!

Soon it was time for us to head back and try to make our way back to our car.  The trail leaving the creek bottom was quite steep but we got some great views of the creek below (I'm guessing this is NOT where the rock slide was because there wasn't a barricade up!). 

Then we ran into this lovely little sign as we continued on our path!  "Severe Consequences Loop".  Don't ya just love that name for a trail?  Well, guess what we did?  Yep!  We walked right through it!

We made our way to a picnic table where we sat and had a bottle of water to help us cool off. 

All in all it was a great day!  The little trek on the trail has inspired me to do more trail running.  I think it's something I am better suited for since the pace is a little slower than road racing.  The biggest bonus for me would be that I get to spend more time with rocks, dirt, trees and critters!  Exactly my cup of tea!

Happy Trails!


  1. What a gorgeous trail! Thanks for letting me enjoy it vicariously.

    1. So happy you enjoyed it! These are my favorite posts to write - I let the pictures do all the work :-)

  2. Sometimes I feel like my life is lived on Severe Consequences Loop...hahaha...wish it had that many flowers! Great story, enjoyed the walk!

  3. I loved the name of that loop! It gave me a few good laughs while I was out there. I was surprised there were so many flowers out there at the end of May since it had been so hot. It was a very pleasant surprise. Glad you enjoyed the walk :-)