Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lessons vs. Mistakes

It is much easier at all times to prevent an evil than to rectify mistakes.- George Washington

All men may err; but he that keepeth not his folly, but repenteth, doeth well; but stubbornness cometh to great trouble. - Sophocles

This week, I was far more consistent with my work outs.  I managed to get in a zumba class, a 4 mile walk at Town Lake and multiple 30 minute trail walks.  It helped my energy level and my ability to handle some stressful situations that popped up during the week.  I'm moving more which is a step in the right direction BUT, I am still falling very short in the healthy eating department.  I keep repeating the same mistakes when it comes to what I eat.  I am aware that I am eating poorly and that ultimately the decisions I make will impact me later in life but I do it anyway.  I don't understand why we continually hurt ourselves with bad choices when we KNOW that it isn't the wisest thing for us.  If given the choice between a cupcake and a bowl of berries, I will pick the least healthy option just about every time.  I have always believed that mistakes are lessons in disguise and without them, there can be no progression in life.  So what does it mean when we willingly give in to the same set of circumstances and repeat the same mistake over and over again?  Does it mean that we are content with our current state of being?  Or does it mean that we are regressing because we are not doing anything to improve our life?  Something to consider and applicable to so many aspects of one's life.

Today's agenda includes a trip to the grocery store to buy some healthy eating options.  I'm hoping that will keep me from eating garbage because my selections at home will be healthier.  My plan is to go back to my mostly raw diet (although I detest the word "diet" and prefer to think of it as a "lifestyle").  I need to retrain my brain to seek out those foods instead of the fatty/salty/sugary things I have been eating.  One of the things that helped me tremendously in my previous weight-loss ventures was giving myself a day to eat whatever I wanted without guilt.  It allowed me the opportunity to have the things I really love and not feel that I was undoing all of the good I did for my body during the week.  It kept me from making some big mistakes.  I am trying to treat each of my meals as a lesson in making better choices for myself.  My hope is that by improving those decisions, I will also find it easier to make better choices in other parts of my life as well (i.e., the job situation).  I have to start with showing myself some tough love.  I know what I need to do to succeed and I need to keep myself from deviating from that mindset.  The last thing I want is to be one of those people that keeps running around in circles making the same screw ups but can't seem to figure out why things aren't changing.  My thought for myself (and for you) this week will be "learn the lesson, move on and do not repeat".  We can do it.

Happy Trails,


  1. :)...good luck. nice post. enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks Ruth!! I appreciate that :-) Hope you are doing well!!