Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Road Tested - Nexcare Waterproof Skin Cover

I've mentioned before that I am notorious for ripping up my feet when I run.  I have narrow heels so most shoes (dress or athletic) tend to fit me very loose in the heels.  That almost always ends up causing blisters or gashes on my heels.  I am very particular about my running shoes because I have to find a style with a nice, snug heel.  I'm always on the hunt for a great pair of shoes so if you have any that you are fond of, let me know!

Anyway, the foot issues have caused countless pairs of bloody shoes and socks over the years.  I was very happy to find a product I LOVED several years ago called Spyroflex Blister Dressings.  Those things were wonderful and stayed on for days (they were made to do that and locked out dirt and water)!  But, alas, I was no longer able to find them anywhere - online or otherwise.  So that led me to the search for something similar.  I did happen across Nexcare's Active Waterproof Skin Cover  It works pretty well in a pinch.  It doesn't seal quite as well as the old Spyroflex covers I had grown to love but it does stay on during moderate walking/wogging/running.  The product does not hold up as well on long runs but then again, it could be because of my skinny heel issue (my shoes slip in the heel when I run).  This item is really good for skinned knees and other sports injuries where an open wound needs to be covered to keep dirt, water and germs out.  It is available in various widths and is a cut-to-fit product which is very helpful.  Overall, not a bad product and worth trying if you have blisters to cover. 

Happy Trails!

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